Axis Mundi

by John Cummings

Table of Contents

I. Root — 396 Hz (Do)

II. Creativity — 417 Hz (Re)

III. Power — 528 Hz (Mi)

IV. Green — 639 Hz (Fa)

V. Communion — 741 Hz (So)

VI. Intuition — 852 Hz (La)

VII. Transcendentalism — 936 Hz (Te)

I. Root

Structures stance around safety and survival,

anchored in the monument of foundation’s face

skyscrapers stand in the strength its base supplants.

II. Creativity

From base risen to the sensuality of this

sickle shaped six, fantasy and pleasure waxes

and wanes as the moon and ocean exchange

nurturing energy for identity to claim.

III. Power

Tiger’s eye breathing fire;

in prana and out dharma.

Balancing liver detoxifies

celebrating in the dance

of Life, standing taller.

IV. Green

On an ethereal cloud

tethered with a chord

strung melodies to

the tune of a fawn,

of this deer in dank

headlight, mystified.

V. Communion

Music from the firmament

divined for inner awakening

this white elephant, expression

of simple poise and purity.

Visshuda: expansive, expounding

information, professor of blue

waters diving deep, again.

VI. Intuition

Purple eye peels back

false premise and puts

in place a plaque of

increased awareness.

Layers to an onion,

grooves seen point-

ing towards patterns

previously unseen.

VII. Transcendentalism

Nature and humanity,

Interpretation, duality,

destroyed by the trident tip.

Believe it or not,

Peace of mind is

waiting there.

A time will come

when you see

we're all One